Scalable User Interfaces with Angular 2


web Modern Web

Room B1

Saturday from 14:30 til 15:20

Don't underestimate the power of components and their immense positive effect on scalability of your product. In this talk, Gion will guide you through some of the essential features of Angular 2, in order to build modern, maintainable and scalable user interfaces. Learn about the new features in Angular 2 and wrap your head around the concept of components.

Gion Kunz Gion Kunz

Gion Kunz is a front-end developer totally in love with the web. Besides working on web projects for clients, he also loves to teach his students to become web developers. He’s the creator of the open-source charting library Chartist and wrote about his project in Smashing Magazine and in Net Magazine. He’s the author of Mastering Angular 2 Components and blogs about the web when ever he finds a free moment.