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Sebastian is an experienced and dedicated software engineer specializing in object-oriented design and programming, software architecture, code quality and agile. His interests include testing, programming, software engineering and agile software craftsmanship. He's also a speaker (JDD, GeeCon, Confitura, Devoxx, etc.), writer and contributor to several blogs (DZone, JavaCodeGeeks) about Software Development and Agile Software Craftsmanship.


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Code Review - how to do it better?


The more complex application is the more people are working on it. The more code they're are creating, the more important is to take care of quality of this code. And Code Review is a great practice to doing it. Yet, it happens really often that after a while, when your eagerness decreases and the amount of reviews grow, many people starts to complain. They're looking for excuses to not have a time for the reviews. For doing it carelessly. Is it a problem? Only if you won't react. Because there's a room for improvements in here!