Myriam Jessier
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Myriam works with websites to make them fun for mobile humans and desktop robots.


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[email protected]#!ing with algorithms: a human hobby


Gaming the system is an inherently human trait for some of us. Come find out how some famous algorithms get mistreated by people for fun, for profit, or for the sheer joy of messing with math.

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Hacking usability


90's kids, remember MacGyver? MacGyver is a different kind of hero: he doesn't use weapons, he's afraid of heights, and he's an expert at making complicated machines out of ordinary things. In this talk, we want to show how YOU can create and carry out a usability test. Just like MacGyver, we need you to be a different kind of hero: someone who doesn't hide behind code, someone who may be afraid of users (sometimes) and someone that can make an impact by improving how humans use your app or website. This talk is like a Swiss army knife - it will provide you an easy way to find usability problems and learn from real users' struggles.